Our story

Hello! We are Rubols

Ruby and Holly, two cousins, from Cheltenham/The Cotswolds, combining our passion for food and travel. 

This passion for food and travel stems from a long family history of living overseas, travelling, and a love for home cooking.

Being only a few months apart in age, growing up we have always been close, seen a lot, travelled, and further developed an interest in food and cooking together. This was the beginning of our first foodventure - Rubols - the name is derived from a combination of our nicknames Rubes and Hols.

Our whole lives we have been surrounded by delicious food from different cultures, therefore we've used our experiences (while together, and apart) to create new dishes based on a variety of flavours and spices from around the world. 

Combining our individual tastes and experiences is always part of the fun whenever we are cooking together. Ruby's interest in Mexican food, and Holly's interest in Middle Eastern food resulted in us realising that the spices and flavours used in these two very different cuisines were actually very similar. The way certain dishes were served, the flavour combinations, and our love of spice then gave us the idea to fuse the two together to create mouth-wateringly delicious fusion feasts. 

We are currently focusing our energy on our pop-up street food stall, however if you are interested in using us for private catering please see our sample menus for more, and follow the links to our various social media pages.

Ruby & Holly Xx